ESU is a safe alternative for inmates and mental health patients, providing a humane alternative to eating with fingers.
— CSP-SAC prison authorities in Folsom, California

Can a safe disposable eating utensil help correctional facilities control the spread of COVID-19?

September 1, 2020    /    News

Shown to be the safest eating utensil for correctional and psychiatric facilities, EcoSecurity®Utensil (ESU) can also help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The sturdy, U.S. made paperboard eating utensil is safer for lockdown or quarantine because it is disposable, reducing the spread of viral matter. Plus, heightened agitation from restrictions can increase the need for a utensil that can’t be used to harm self or others.




ESU is the trusted, safe utensil for at-risk populations:

• Trusted by hundreds of prisons, jails and juvenile facilities across the country

• Ideal for suicide watch, quarantine, cutters, mental heath populations, SHU

• Includes perforation for quicker breakdown if ingested or flushed

• Allows for alternatives to finger food only menus


How ESU helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 and improves safety:

• As recommended by the CDC for prison quarantine, all meal remnants should go into a lined trash bin kept in the isolation area. ESU goes right into the bin, preventing others from handling contaminated material.


• For facilities requiring use of disposable flatware for Covid-19, ESU is the safest disposable; used by hundreds of facilities across the Country.

• ESU allows in-cell meals to include normal menu items requiring a utensil, helping mitigate agitation over fingers-only menus for extended lockdowns.

• ESU removes another tool for harm to self and to others due to aggressive behavior aggravated by stresses of COVID and continuous lockdowns.

• ESU’s are packed facing one direction; a stack can be easily inserted into a vessel with the handle side up, to meet BOP sanitation requirements that “self-serve utensils be dispensed so that contamination of food and lip-contact surfaces are prevented”.





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