ESU is a safe alternative for inmates and mental health patients, providing a humane alternative to eating with fingers.
— CSP-SAC prison authorities in Folsom, California


At last, there’s a safe eating utensil for behavioral health patients at risk for self-harm or suicide. Use ESU on your safety trays as a dignified alternative to fingers-only menus. Because it is disposable, it’s perfect for Covid containment. [Learn more about the safest, disposable utensil for patients at risk of self-harm]  

ESUs are “used as a standard item for safety trays for patients on suicide watchat Kaiser Permanente.” – Edmund Delmundo, Nutrition Services, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Santa Clara, California

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The sturdy and pleasing-to-use ESUs:

  • prevent self-harm for at-risk patients from misuse of utensils, such as swallowing and cutting.
  • are a worry-free addition to safety trays.
  • are non-punitive: our durable paper utensils are so smooth and pleasant to use, hundreds of millions have been sold for consumer use.
  • offer a humane option that promotes dignity and mental healing.
  • provides more humane food service for all patients (vs. finger only patient menu).
  • help prevent spread of Covid 19 facility-wide – CDC recommends disposable food service ware.
  • promote dignity and healing vs. limited fingers-only menu.
  • are perforated for quicker breakdown if ingested.
  • can save costs, compare the price of using ESUs vs. the cost of one self-harm incident.b
  • reduce agitation & depression exacerbated by a safety tray menu.


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  • Can be used for any food that does not require a knife, such as scrambled eggs, meatloaf, casserole, soup, cereal with milk, watermelon and ice cream.
  • Can be easier for arthritic patients to hold.
  • Ultra-compact to store
  • Eco-friendly paperboard

[Learn more about the safest, disposable utensil for at-risk patients]


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North American ESU resellers:

  • US Foods
  • Food Service Express – Med-Diet Laboratories
  • SWS (Canada)