ESU is a safe alternative for inmates and mental health patients, providing a humane alternative to eating with fingers.
— CSP-SAC prison authorities in Folsom, California


At last, there’s a safer, more humane eating utensil for mental health, at-risk youth, and psych/dementia hospital units.  [Learn more about the safest, disposable utensil for patients at risk of self-harm]


  • Prevents self-harm for at risk patients by missing utensils.
  • Most humane solution for swallowers and cutters.
  • Humane option that promotes dignity and mental healing.
  • Provides more humane food service for all patients (vs. finger only patient menu).
  • ESU’s have a perforation for quicker breakdown if ingested or flushed
  • Avoid potential legal issues caused by finger food only diet or other issues
  • One incident is more costly than many year’s of ESU use
  • Reduces agitation caused by fingers only diet
  • Non-punitive solution (EcoTaster version used for consumer sampling).

[Learn more about how ESU helps reduce the spread of COVID-19]


“Used as a standard item for safety trays for patients on suicide watch at Kaiser Permanente.” – Edmund Delmundo, Nutrition Services, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Santa Clara, California



  • Can cut through food such as hard tamale pie and watermelon. Can even scoop soup or cereal with milk
  • Easier for arthritic patients to use
  • Ultra-compact to store & eco-friendly



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