ESU is a safe alternative for inmates and mental health patients, providing a humane alternative to eating with fingers.
— CSP-SAC prison authorities in Folsom, California

Are US Jails and Prisons Destined to Become Epicenters of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

According Dr. Amanda Klonsky, a leader of a prison education organization, US jails and prisons provide the perfect environment for the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus. Dr. Klonsky outlines the risk to both inmates . . .
April 14, 2020

EcoSecurity® Utensil (ESU) for COVID-19

  Can a safe disposable utensil help correctional facilities control the spread of COVID-19 at meal time?     Already a proven safety utensil for correctional, psychiatric and security facilities, the EcoSecurity® Utensil (ESU) . . .
April 10, 2020

FAQs on EcoSecurity Utensil (ESU) to Help Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus

UPDATE: COVID – 19 How can ESU help under the current national lock down orders? Are you experiencing more agitation due to confinement within cells?    The sanitary, disposable paperboard EcoSecurity® Utensil (ESU) . . .
April 6, 2020

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